Muffler replacement advice needed MTD tractor

drphiAugust 2, 2010

I am going to be replacing an engine in an MTD Lawn Tractor (MODEL 771) which will require me to replace the muffler.

Before getting into the job I would like some advice/information from someone whoÂs been there - on the connection between the muffler and the exhaust pipe. The parts diagram only shows the pipe fitting into a hole in the muffler. There are no clamps or bolts to seal the pipe to the muffler.

So  I have a couple of questions before I launch.

1) Am I seeing this correctly or is there some other part that I am not seeing?

2) Is this a tight fit  is any "cement" or anything added to seal the pipe and the muffler?

3) The muffler that I will be removing has a good deal of rust on it. Is it possible to separate the old muffler without destroying the exhaust pipe?

Any other ticks, traps or techniques would be appreciated in making the separation work without destroying the exhaust pipe - WD-40, heat, prayer  before I start hitting it with a hammer.

I know this has been done before but IÂve tried several searches and googles  and no hits.

Thanks for any advice or suggestions.


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We in the music trade have a saying--"If you don't know how the music goes, play it by ear!" Or: "Hum a few bars, and we'll fake it."

If your engine is a Briggs, the usual muffler placement is to a threaded "nipple" that screws into the block, beside the carburetor. When i have to replace an engine, i usually have to go to a hardware store and buy pieces of threaded galvanised pipe, same size as the one that was on the engine. You can buy elbows, sleeves, and pipe, and then cobble up a suitable wxhaust pipe, and screw on a muffler. Threads are the same.
I replaced an engine last week. Was on a Craftsman lawn tractor. The original engine was an OHV, the replacement was not. When i went to put the muffler on, the kind that fits in front of and below the engine, in a square hole in the frame, the pipe was too short to let it fit. So, i made a patented "Rusty Jones fix", by sawing the pipe in half, and inserting a nice piece of gold colored tubing in between the two pieces. Works great. Looks nice. Doesn't leak or make noise. I have found, if ya want to succeed in this business, ya have to be tricky, and flexible!
And, the hammer is a last resort, to be used only on removing flywheels, or pounding the toes of somebody who wants to watch, and is always in the way! ;0)

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