Help me to identify this tree sapling

AnandanMay 27, 2014

I live in Coppell, TX (75019).

Two years ago, I found a small tree sapling growing under my oak tree and it looked very much like a Christmas tree (Spruce or Pine). I took care of the sapling by watering it regularly and now it is over a feet and half in height. I took it out from the ground and planted it in my west facing front yard of the house.

When I took the tree out from the ground, I noticed that it has got some bristle like (soft thorns) on stems where the needles originate. I am attaching a picture of the tree sapling.

Can you please identify what tree is this ? I tried several online tools with no luck and I doubt if this is a native tree of TX. Thanks!

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Additional picture

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Additional picture

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It's a juniper. Very likely a seedling of eastern red cedar, Juniperus virginiana, a native to much of the eastern half of the country, including Texas. There is also another native juniper that could be a potential candidate, Juniperus ashei. Both are considered weed trees, as they self-seed everywhere.

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Agree with Juniperus of some sort.

I'd hardly call it a weed tree...more like a pioneer species. A native tree that is well adapted to colonize disturbed soils, fallow fields, and fire suppressed landscapes. We continually create sites that it most successful on!

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What smivies said-------------------------------------------------------
Anandan, check out my post about this tree from last year.

Here is a link that might be useful: ERC post 2013

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