Adjust Governon B & S Vanguard Model 303777

bilp2010August 22, 2010

Just bought a used Simplicity riding mower. Governor has been "tinkered" with. I have worked on it some and had it working pretty well. That is until I put the mowing deck back on it. When I started the mower this appears to overload the governor setting that worked OK with no load on the mower, when test driving it. Still ran OK, but the governor did not hold the RPM up enough to mow with it.

The governor spring had been bent some and attached at the wrong place. I believe this is the problem, (probably too much tension on it).

Any adjustment advise would be welcomed. Motor is type: 1111-A1 5526, Code is: 907221. It is 16 HP and motor runs good other than the governor setting.



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I am not convinced that the governor is at fault for the condition you are describing.
Do this simple test to determine if the governor is the issue.
With the air cleaner removed, engine not running, throttle control on dash moved to the highest (fastest) position, and the choke not applied.
Look into the throat of the carburetor (use a flashlight) and see if the throttle plate "butterfly" is wide open (standing on edge as you see it).
If the throttle plate is wide open at this time (engine not running & RPM =0, it will also be wide open any other time that the governor is trying to increase RPM, such as when you load the engine by engaging the deck.
If you find the throttle plate is wide open in the above test, something else is causing your lack of power, possibly the carb needs a thorough cleaning.

If you do not find the throttle plate wide open in the test above, it might need something as simple as adjusting the throttle control cable travel.

I can send you a manual on the engine (it's a PDF file) if you send me an e-mail.

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The carb has been cleaned. The throttle cable is properly adjusted for full throttle. Guy that had it had the governor spring cut shortened and hung on the sheet metal. It actually goes on the governor arm. It was too short to go there, Guess it broke off and I just hung it back where he had it when I cleaned the carb.

I would appreciate the manual. I searched the B & S site and all I could find was an owners manual , etc., No actual service manual.

I am an old guy, been tinkering for over 60 years. I build motors, carbs, manual trans, etc. If I need a mower, I find one that needs some work, and a good name brand. These early Simplicities were also sold by Alice Chalmers. Good tough machines. Wish the motor was a Kohler though. Have a 14 HP K series Kohler that is a 1974 model and still working hard on a Power king with a 60" deck. I do not mow my yard with this one, only my lot around the house.


Have a great day!

Bill P.

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