Is this a proper cutting?

QLilyMay 10, 2014

I ordered this online. I am new at using trees from cuttings. When I ordered it, I had no idea it was a cutting. It was not listed as a cutting. I was informed of that and that it had the top cut off of it. Will this grow into a proper tree?

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This is the whole top of the tree.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

what i cant tell.. is if it was grafted ... that is a very common cut to remove top growth of the understock when grafting...

if that is so ... then that stuff growing down below is NOT the plant you ordered.. it is the root stock plant.. and should be removed ....

there.. now you are more confused than when you asked.. lol ...

whats the plant ... perhaps link us to the website.. and maybe we can read between all those fancy words... lol ...

does the tag say magnolia???

not many TREES... are grown from cutting .. especially high priced foo foo flowering shrubs and trees ... grafting is faster to market ... so its usually preferred ...

name that plant...


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I can't find the link. It is a magnolia. I email the seller and he said he has been doing this for 30 years and that what I got was a mid branch cut. It does seem to be a nongrafted whole piece. It does have roots. I am fairly peeved that it is a cutting. I wouldn't have ordered it had I known.

I am not sure about the other plants I got from him. I also bought 2 cherry trees. I received them with brown spots. A friend of mine says it's a fungus. I haven't heard back yet about that.

Lesson learned. lol

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hairmetal4ever(Z7 MD)

A few trees are commonly cultivated from cuttings - poplars and willows, Platanus (planes and sycamores) come to mind. All easy-to-root species for the most part.

I wasn't aware Magnolia was.

But - if it's the tree cultivar you ordered and is healthy, why does it matter how he propagated it?

That "kink" in the stem from where it was cut will be rather unnoticeable in a few years.

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