kwanzan Cherry

krnuttleMay 11, 2012

We purchased the tree at Lowes about 3 months ago. It was about 4' tall and a little less that an 1" on the truck. We planted it and it seemed to adopting to its new environment.

The tree was planted with the top of the root ball at the surface of the ground with a little dike around the tree on three sides to collect the water coming down the slope. There is additional slope below the tree, or it is about 3.5 feet above the bottom of the slope. The hole was about twice the diameter of the root ball. The slope is modest, and drains about 400 square feet. The soil is clay and quartz, but seems to drain well and perk.

There is a large newly planted oak about 30' away and about 4' above the cherry. It was purchased as a 12 to 14' tree and was planted last October. It is growing well.

We planted a forsythia at the same time as the Cherry about 5 feet from the Cherry. The forsythia is doing fine, and growing.

About three weeks ago, the leaves of the Cherry look wilted hanging down like they are not getting enough water. I immediately watered it. Today we looked at the tree and some of the leaves are looking yellow. There is no damage to the trunk or branches

We have been getting decent rain, about 0.5" every 3 to 4 days. Two days ago we got about an inch. If the rains don't come within that period I have been watering them with about twice the volume of the original root ball.

Can any one tell me what I am doing wrong.

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It sounds like you are OVER watering them. Let them just begin to dry out (I mean dry, not moist) and then give em a deep watering if you don't get rain. The watering is not so much a schedule, more like an acquired skill uniquely adapted to your yard and sometimes several different places in your yard. As for how it will respond after the stress already, coin flip.


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I also suspect you're killing it with kindness. It's getting an inch a week from rain without supplemental watering. If you can inspect the soil immediately around your tree to some depth and it's moist you probably don't need to water it.

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