crapsman LT1000

ledfoot455August 3, 2014

Ok so I caused my own problem by buying a used rider without trying out the deck.
I just bought a Craftsman LT1000 mower, it has the kohler 17 HP Model 3 CV460s.
It seemed to start up and run fine, the motor at full throttle did not seem to race very much but I just assumed that was normal. Drove it out to the road drove up the ramps no problem. Got home started right up unloaded it and went to mow the lawn. As soon as I engage the blades the engine bogs down almost stalls. Checked for a bad deck bearing everything turns easy. It acts like its not getting enough fuel so I pulled the carb off to clean it. Checked the plunger it snaps in and out while cycling power as it should. cleaned and blew out passages in carb runs the same even ran it for a minute without the airfilter just to see if it would make a difference it did not, It backfires through exhaust and pops back out the carb occasionally and I also noticed that it looks like it is actually blowing a little gas out of the carb when running low rpm's just off idle

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I would see what style choke your rider has. Some have a fixed link and shaft and others have a wizard which is basically a little spring on top of the shaft that helps to control the choke. To access it, just remove the air box and have a look. When the top of the shaft cover breaks, they actually load up and can act just like you described.

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Well thank you, but the choke is a fixed link and I was looking in there with the air cleaner off, partly to make sure the choke was open, (it was wide open) when I noticed gas spitting out of the carb at low rpm's off idle. The engine was very much at running temp at this point. My old rider has a good running B&S 20 horse twin, I'm thinking about frankensteining that onto this and being done with it. Thank you for the tip.

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Leaking intake valve? Do a compression test? If you have a compressed air adapter for the spark plug hole - put on top dead center of compression stroke, put compressed air in it (50 - 90 psi) and see where it leaks out. Carb - bad intake valve, exhaust - bad exhaust valve, oil filler - bad rings, radiator - never mind:)

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Is there further evidence of the float valve not holding IE fuel in the oil?It would be worthwhile to pull the flywheel and check the key.

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All very good ideas and I will start running down this list this weekend, as the rest of the week is too busy with work and oh um work on the house. Thank you guys I do appreciate all of the great Ideas, and I will let you know what I find.

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