Pruning Lantana

vajeff(7b VA)July 15, 2012

How do you prune lantana to keep it compact and flowering?

My 'Miss Huff' grows to mammoth size. This year I've decided to keep it compact - about 4'x4' at most, yet it doesn't enjoy flowering until it reaches 5'x4'. I pruned it early last month, reducing it by a third to a half, and it refused to put off more than 4 flower clusters. It's now double what it had been pruned to and should be flowering soon... but it's too large now and needs trimming again before it goes berserk! I'm having the same problem with a purple spreading lantana.

The banks here have tiny lantanas that are full of blooms. How do they manage to keep them so tiny and still flowering?


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

if your plant doesnt bloom well until it is 5 inches long..

and you keep pruning it to 4 inches.

i dont understand how you can be confused ... as to why it isnt blooming to expectation ...

let it do its thing ... you can not force a preconceived notion onto the genetics of a plant ...

and in the mean time.. find a dwarf variety that blooms profusely in a smaller size .. and target those for next year ... [if there are any???]

now.. if you were to figure out how to bonsai it.. then it might all work out.. lol ...


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vajeff(7b VA)

Well, it used to bloom great before it established itself. The first two years it would grow to 4 feet. Now it grows to 6 or 7 if allowed. With the mild winter, I wouldn't be surprised if it reaches 8 or 9 feet before summer is over. That's far too massive for its location, and I dare not move it.

I've seen several pictures of smaller 'Miss Huff' that are full of blooms, so I'm wondering if adding more fertilizer might prompt it to bloom shortly after being pruned to the preferred size... or if cutting above or below a node will promote flowering.

Bonsai? I wish! Lantana can be trained into bonsai, but I think that's better left to someone with more patience, nerve, and luck than me!

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

You could cut your plant pretty much to the ground as it becomes too tall. Is this plant in the full sun? Have you been over fertilizing? Lantana does best if kept on the lean side.

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vajeff(7b VA)

It receives 6 or 7 hours of sun. The only fertilizer I've used on it is a quick spray to wet the foliage when I'm using MG. Before I read that it prefers to be on the dry side, I watered it often. Could it be too much nitrogen from the MG?

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