craftsman GT3000 ... pto on then off then on etc

decoy91288(8)August 14, 2014

need some help. removed t-shirt that got tangled in blades and shut mower down. started mower, engaged pto and cut for a few minuutes and pto disengaged (the blades stopped turning under power) couple mins later pulled pto switch and all fine for about a minute.
I am thinking there may be an overheat sensor for the electric clutch and maybe I didnt get all the t-shirt so it is heating up? or sumpin else?
mod no 917.275034
Looking for ideas. thanks.

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You have an Operator Presence Relay that is powered through the seat switch to complete the ground circuit of the PTO.
A bad connection/switch at the seat switch, OPR or PTO connection could be the culprit.

For starters-
Before the problem occurs try this-
With the key ON (not running) engage the PTO switch.
Manipulate the seat switch.
You should be able to hear the PTO and OPR click.
When the problem occurs, do the same thing and see if the OPR is clicking.
IF NOT, the OPR is bad or has a bad connection.

Another possibility is that you are shifting around in the seat after mowing awhile and a marginally adjusted Seat Switch is disengaging.

You can go into more extensive PTO tests, such as jumping 12V and ground directly to the PTO to see if it engages.

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