Huskee Garden Tractor

jimd-2010August 3, 2010

Hi all. I need some help. I am working on my dad's Huskee garden tractor. I put a new lower drive belt on. After putting everything back together, including the mower deck on, the engine won't turn over. The starter engages and tries, but it won't roll over. I put a big wrench on the top of the crank, and turned the engine manually, but it was pretty tight. Any ideas?

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You didn't do anything silly like tip the mower did you? Possibly a routing issue and the belt is holding the crank tight. Post the model # from below the seat and the part # of the belt you had installed.

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Also closely recheck for proper belt routing

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I didn't tip the mower. One problem is, my dad took it all apart, then went to the Mayo Clinic for cancer surgery. Now he is unable to work on it, so I'm trying to finish it for him. I found the manual, and am sure I routed the belt properly. The only thing I can think of is, maybe the belt that goes from the mower deck to the crank is to0 tight. I didn't adjust anything, but with a new belt, it might have made it too tight. I will get the model # of the tractor next time I'm over there. Thanks for the help. Anything else I'm not thinking of may help.

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