so, does anybody have.....

ryanzone7(z7MD)July 24, 2014

...... the words to the compost/downtown song I wrote and posted here years ago?

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When you're alone, and life is making you lonely
You can always go
When you've got worries, all the noise and hurry
Seem not to help, I know

Just listen to the music of the birdies, ain't it pretty?
Loading up an compost bin isn't pretty
How can you lose? The soils are much lighter there...
You can convert all your garbage; transform all your leaves, and go
Compost -- waste will be loam when you
Compost -- find a place for a pile
Compost -- shreddings one way you can do..

Compost .... Compost...

Don't hang around, and let your yard waste surround you,
There are wormie shows

Maybe you know some little places to go to
Where they always pile

Just listen to the rhythm of a gentle bamboo yard rake
You'll be turning that pallet bin with 'em too before the month is over,
Happy again...
The loams are much lighter there,
You can convert all your garbage; convert all your leaves, and go
Compost -- where the worms don't like lights bright
Compost -- waiting for just the right
Compost -- the soils gonna be all right now...




And you may find somebody kind to help and understand you;
Someone who is just like you and needs a gentle hand to
Guide them along...
So maybe I'll see you there,
We can forget all our troubles; forget all our cares, and go
Compost -- things will be great when you
Compost -- just wait a minute or more
compost -- pallet's are waiting for you...

Compost-- Compost
Compost-- Compost
Compost-- Compost

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don't know why gw won't allow the link & the words in the same post , but here's the link to the original thread.

I hope.

(couldn't find it by using gw's search box, had to google ryanzone7 downtown compost song)

Here is a link that might be useful: Downtown

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How great! I'm printing it!

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Prof! How nice to "see" you!

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I love it...glad I stopped by the forum today! Will be humming this while turning at some point, I'm sure.

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It is a lyrics masterpiece.

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