Sunburst Honey Locust

v1rtMay 19, 2007

Hi folks, today, we want back to the nursery and saw this 12 ft Sunburst Honey Locust. We bought it at $100. My wife and I were mesmerized by it's yellow to green beauty. I did some research and found that it grows to 50 to 70 ft and a spread of 30 to 50 ft.

I'm thinking of planting it front of the house which is facing east. Is it a nice location?

And also guys, what's your comment about Sunburst Honey Locust?

Please let me know.



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randyw(4-NW Iowa)

We have a sunburst locust. It is a rapid grower and we have performed much pruning on it. Some of this is b/c the specimen we bought, did not really have a central leader and we wanted to be certain that it grew upright. I have seen very poorly shaped specimens of this tree, as well as very nice and full-shaped ones. We like our tree very much and right now its all-yellow foliage is quite attractive and stands out against our other neighboring trees.

The first two years we had this tree (we planted it in fall 1999) some pest (possibly mimosa webworms?) made some small webbed nests and killed the enclosed leaflets, but we have had no such problems since then. I have also heard that it can be prone to canker problems if poorly pruned, etc.

It has no real fall color, but neither does it require raking up fallen leaves.

Best wishes,

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Wonderful trees. They do have pods which fall heavy in some years but they are great. What's nice about them is that there is no raking involved in the fall, the leaflets are so small just mow right over them. Plus they provide filtered light and grass can grow underneath.

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If you folks see my other thread, I found out from other experienced folks that the location I planned for my Sunburst is not a good location. It's close to the patio. They told me that roots are shallow and can destroy the patio.

Randyw, where is your Sunburst planted? I'm thinking of moving it in between(middle) the front of the house and the Red Maple close to the street. How wide does this tree spread? I really need some guidance regarding the best location for this Sunburst.


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Yes. and there's good news and bad news. The bad news is the root disruption and slower growth rate than species however the good news.... click link

Here is a link that might be useful: 92% of sunburst locusts stil there after 30 years

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I live just outside the city of Eau Claire, where during the 60's and 70's these were planted in practically every yard. I share Randy's observation that while they can make fine specimens, too many have poor form and look kind of crappy (regional botanical term). I've totally abused mine, including moving it twice in about an 18 month period. The last move was done by a bulldozer that sort of pushed it out of the ground, where it was lefting laying in the hot sun for several hours. When I got home I quickly dug a shallow hole and scooped it up with a tractor and dropped it in the hole. I'm not sure what you'd have to do to make it go into shock, but this didn't seem to phase it. Of all the Gleditsia cultivars, this one probably has the poorest form.


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You mean, Sunburst has the poorest form? When you say form, you mean the appearance?

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'Sunburst' has a poor form. Over time, maybe many years, it might zigzag to some height. And the bright foliage fades to normal green by midsummer.

(and $100US sounds like a lot for what is a rather ordinary tree. I'm assuming it's good sized and they'll plant it for you for that much)

There are better honey locust trees like 'Skyline' if you want a good shade tree.

Here is a link that might be useful: The parade of Honey Locusts

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Ouch! I don't feel well now after hearing that Sunburst is just an ordinary tree. :(

I should have asked here first. Was it a really bad buy for us?

My wife told me that she recalls it's about 12ft high.

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Well considering I just saw some nice looking 8 footers at kmart for $18.98, I'd say you made... as howie mandel would say... not such a good deal.

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Our Sunburst Honey Locust is one of my favorite trees. I love its golden leaves, contrasting with the darker green of most trees, especially in spring/early summer. We never have to rake under it. We placed it about 8 feet from a deck. We planted it maybe 25 years ago and have had no problems with it.

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