Live Oak Bark Peel?

blakrabMay 16, 2014

About a ~28" long piece of bark somehow fell off this Live Oak tree trunk. And there appears to be an entire delaminated gap between the underlying wood grain and bark still on the tree...

What causes this?

Here is a link that might be useful: Wood grain

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

prior damage ...

lightening.. car... boy with bat .. wombats ...

how high is the damage ...

i see no indication of healing deep inside the recess ..

how does the rest of the tree look???

i dont understand the right side of the pic ...or the see thru hole in the middle ... unless that is the piece of bark???? and you are holding it up for the pic???

perhaps a pic of the greater trunk might help ...

do you see any stain on the bark piece.. to indicate the injury??? like that blackish mark in the low right side of the pic ???


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^ Sorry, yes I was holding the piece of fallen bark up next to where it fell off for reference (as if it opened like a book). The damage was about chest-high.

The bark seemed to be loose all around the opening of that hole. How far it extends beyond that, I cannot tell? Yet, the tree overall still looks healthy.

I did not notice any other signs of external injury, either..

I mean, if it was a physical impact, the damage should have just been very local. And even then, I kind of doubt it would have so cleanly delaminated the bark like that?

I am actually suspecting a lightning strike, now.. And in fact, there were just heavy rains all last week..

Here is a link that might be useful: Lightning strike

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I would be tempted to apply wound sealer. We had a red maple get struck by lightening, I would look for some charring. I may be wrong, but where is a burn mark? Could a buck have rubbed the bottom and broke a large area off? Is it low enough. I am no tree pro, but there should be some scorching somewhere if it was lightening.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

never seal anything...

and re: poaky ..... that is why i asked for a more general pic of the tree ...


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