Hunt for Multi-Stem Katsura in N. Virginia

vacquahMay 9, 2012

A multi-stem Katsura seems to be an anomaly in these parts! ( Northern Virginia). Can't find one local nursery that carries them or even have carried them in the past. Are they so rare? Even extended my search to Maryland and called several garden centers - no luck.

Anyone know where I can find a multi-stem Katsura tree in Northern Virginia? thx!

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just buy like 2 or 3 saplings and plant them close together. Eventually they will grow together and form a multi stemmed tree. Or,you could buy one and let it grow for a while, then cut it down and it will send up multiple stems.

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botann(z8 SEof Seattle)

Yes, they do sprout from a cut off stump.
The only danger is when those three trunks get larger, they can collect more snow or ice than they can handle. Same with Birch.

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Mike - are you making the case for a single stem tree? vs a multi-stem?

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botann(z8 SEof Seattle)

Yes. Multi stemmed trees will always have a loser eventually to snow or ice in my climate and I assume in yours too. I've had it happen with Birches, (Betula) Mt. Ash (Sorbus) and Katsuras, (Cercidifolium). I don't do three in a group anymore.
I used to grow Katsuras commercially. Even sold 600 once in one order. Still have about 1/4 acre left. All grown together and in terrible shape. I am in the process of thinning them again. First time I did it was to cut them off at the stump. They promptly sprouted multiple trunks and created a worse mess than before.

Cercidiphyllum magnificum

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