ID on this one?

nummykitchenJune 27, 2013

Here is another one from my pot ghetto that I need help IDing. It was supposed to be CL Maid of Honor which there is only one photo of on HMF and this is not looking like a climber at all to me. Maybe it really is Cl MoH but I did read that this one reverts back to its parent Folklore often. Anyone familiar with either?

HT shape, peachy pink with light butter yellow reverse. The photos give it a little more of an orange tinge that isn't there. Beautiful. My 8 year old says it smells like peaches :)

If you look at the outer petals you can kind of see the soft yellow reverse. It is hard to photograph but it is very prominent in real life. Sorry about the bad photos! It has another bud about to open so I will take some more when it does.

Any ideas?

Much thanks,

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If the stems are packed full of thorns, you might have the HT Voodoo.

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Thanks, Ken. Some of the photos on hmf look similar but this rose is not overly thorny. I wonder if the bloom will darken with age?

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My Voodoo has more orange from the start than your photo appears to have. Blooms on mine do vary a lot...some are more peachy orange with the yellow reverse and some are more yellow and orangey red. Mine all darken to an almost solid orangey red.

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Most of the climbing MAID OF HONOURs are actually FOLKLORE. Yours looks like it. Mine has always been FOLKLORE in the 10yrs or so I've had it. Never climbs, never gets the pale apricot coloring of the true MOH, which I also have. In fact MOH is much taller than FOLKLORE. I don't understand how the rose ever got marketed as "climbing MAID OF HONOUR." I really doubt if there actually is one.

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rosetom(7 Atl)

I agree that it could be Folklore, especially if it has a nice fragrance. There is another rose out there that is very similar - Sundowner. I have two of them and they get 8-10 feet tall like Folklore is supposed to do, but they don't have a fragrance. The blooms are identical to your pic.

I agree also that it's not Voodoo. I have one of those - great rose, but it's strongly orange and will burn into a brilliant red in sun. It also does not have the high-tight centers that are in your pic/Folklore/Sundowner's form.

BTW - it appears that you have a case of PM beneath that bloom.

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Pat, thank you for those images, your VooDoo is gorgeous! This rose does not have that shading and hasn't really darkened.

Beth, thanks for the info. The actual Maid of Honor is gorgeous! What a beautiful light apricot! I am enjoying this rose, whether it is Folklore or not, it is an attention grabber!

Rosetom, thank you for your input! It does have a nice fragrance. Funny you should mention Sundowner. I also have Sundowner and I agree they are very similar! I think my Folklore (or whatever it is) is maybe a shade lighter than my Sundowner, but you were thinking exactly what I was, I kept looking at them both when this bloom opened, thinking, "are you the same rose?!?" Yes, I unfortunately do have PM on that rose and a few others. I think it is from keeping my pot ghetto too crowded. I have not sprayed yet either. Lots to do!

Thanks for all of your answers!


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