John Deere Cast metal pedal tractor.

rustyj14(W/PA)August 16, 2010

I have one of the tractors described in the heading. It is all there, and in good condition. A fellow asked me tonight if i wanted to sell it. Way i figger, if i set it out front, the theft fairies will start it up and drive off with it, probably ten minutes after i go in the house!

What i need to know is: What is it worth? Any help will be helpful.

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Depends what one it is?Could be as much as $3000.00 or as little as $30.00 or less.

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Thanks for that bit of info! BUT, how do i tell the difference? I've had it for at least 15 years, and i'm afraid to let the Grand-kids play with it, as we live alongside a well-used, paved road, and i know it would mysteriously start its engine, and drive off into the night!
A friend who has a farm, said he had several of them, inside his fenced yard, and both of them drove away on dark nights!
I have a large, plastic, JD tractor, with a bucket on the front, and it sets out every night. I thought it might disappear, but hasn't yet.
My great-Grandkids like to come here, as i have lots of ride-em toys for them, and especially a pedal go-cart, but they need to be a bit older to ride that. I'm training them so when they get older, they'll want to ride the lawn tractors and mow the grass! (He-he-he!)Worked with my sons, although one moved to Connecticut, to get away from grass mowing, as he was allergic to freshly mown grass! (He sez!)

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The long and the short of it is that what you have is "highly collectable" and that's why your friend got his stolen.

What's at issue here is the age of the pedal tractor, the model of it, the maker (ERTL???), how rare it is to come across the one you have and the condition of it.

In other words, all the things that apply to a collectable, old garden tractor also apply to your pedal tractor. The best way to test the market is to gently clean it up. DO NOT alter it, paint it or change a thing on it. You will diminish the value by doing so. It is what it is. Put it up for sale on e-Bay in a 10 day auction to give it the widest exposure.

Offer it for sale with an opening bid of $9.99 with no reserve. Don't worry.... it won't stay at ten bucks for very long and the real action will happen in the final minute of the sale anyway. I saw a 30 series Case pedal tractor in well-worn condition bring around $500.00 on e-Bay not so long ago.

Would that be enough money for you? Yours might bring less but it might bring more.

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Here's one in the box I just found:

Just to give you an idea of what it might be worth. An older one like you have would probably be worth more.

Cheers! Now, go play a little "Fox on the Run"

Here is a link that might be useful: JD pedal tractor - 1990's model

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Rusty I went to yahoo search and typed in 'collector john deere petal tractors'. There are several sites that might help you out.

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Are the "petals" green or yellow on those tractors? ROFL

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Duz it make them pedal faster, if they are yellow?! If so, I'm in luck!

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A years supply of Yuenglings?

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My tractor has black pedaals, is a 4020 John Deere Diesel. Has a few scratches on it, otherwise ok. I gave it a bath today, looks nice.
I don't think E-bay would accept my advertisement, as i gave them the heave-ho several years ago, after they wouldn't stop pestering me!

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i bought this at a church sale 10 years ago. it's been sitting in my basement ever since. i want to sell it but have no idea what to ask for it. i went to the local john deere store but they had no idea. i would appreciate any help. it's time to start clearing out all the priceless "stuff" we've collected for the past 45 years.

Here is a link that might be useful: pictures of Ertl John Deere tractor and trailer

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Hey dixietn, I am looking for a durable pedal tractor for my 3 1/2 yo son. He loves to work in the yard with me and has been bugging me to get him his own tractor. The plastic ones get terrible reviews. Do you still have this? Or anyone else? Would you consider selling it?



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My inlaw bought one of these cast aluminum tractors at an auction house, last year, for $125. They are worth about $300.

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