When is the optimum time to sow perennials that don't need Strati

mickiJanuary 20, 2012

When is the best time to sow perennials that don't need stratified? I don't see why they should have to handle that cold weather if there not going to do anything until Spring anyway.

Can someone pls tell me what is the agreed upon time to sow the flowers starting with non stratifiable per, to the non hardy annuals. If you don't mind coud you tell me what is the best time, not just an acceptable time. Such as it might be exseptable to sow a hardy perennial now that didn't need stratified, but a better time would be to wait until the weather warmed up a bit a couple months down the road, like in March.

Thank You for your input,



Over 200 lost count have to check with zone wars. Have to add 19 more jugs.

At this point I am trying to try to keep the number down so for now I have come to a complete halt.

Can't say the intervention from Gardenweed didn't help to bring me back to earth. LOL Eileen

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You can sow them anytime during winter, they'll sprout when the weather warms. How soon you want to sow them close to Spring is based on your own personal need.

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The best time for me is in the middle of winter when I'm looking for distraction. By March and April I'm busy, busy, busy in the garden and often don't get to things I've set aside for spring sowing. This year I'm going to make an extra effort to at least sow Scabiosa Isaac House Blend, I've been holding onto these "sow after last frost" seeds for longer than I care to admit and really want to see if they look as lovely as google images says.

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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)

anytime after 12/21. Seeds don't mind cold. They're smarter than you think.

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thank you,
what about hardy annuals?

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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)

any time. it's the tenders that sonme folks sow a little later depending on your climate.

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