Have any of you used a Pool Kit to test your Soil PH?

ilovemytrees(5b/6a Western, NY)May 16, 2014

That's what the woman at our local Soil and Water Conservation Dept said to use. She said a lot of people in our area use the pool kits, instead of dropping off samples for them to test, and having to wait out the results...

I was just wondering if any of you would use a pool kit?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

how did she suggest you apply a soil to a water based test strip???

make the soil wet.. but then. arent you testing the water ????

go figure on this.. the link says:

A fairly accurate and simple method of testing pH that is inexpensive is reported by the American Rose Society as follows: Take a soil sample and add at least the same amount of relatively neutral (pH 7.0) deionized water. Mix well and allow to settle. Carefully remove the liquid and test it with a swimming pool pH test kit. You are really on target to start with your soil and know all about it. Your garden will flourish with careful attention to your soil.

==>>> so it is imperative.. that the water be neutral ... who knew ...


ps: how do you take the same amount of a liquid.. and a solid ... by volume.. or weight .. or what ....???

Here is a link that might be useful: its the first link at this link .. i am going to watch the youtube now ...

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I just got a test from Lowes that had a pH test, light brightness tester and water moisture tester, all built into 1 little unit that cost 10$.

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I saw that tester at Home Depot for $12.99. Guess I'll stop at Lowes instead. Thanks Ryan.

Ken, I was going to cheap out and get a pool test kit until I read your post. Thanks.

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Now I know how you got your 7.0 pH result. Sorry to say, but you wasted 10 bucks. That meter will never give accurate results. I have read dozens of people over the years who were mislead by those pieces of carp. It doesn't matter who is the manufacturer. ( I've tested them myself, and they are way off.) And wasted a lot more than 10 bucks making mistakes amending their soil and planting the wrong plants. There ought to be a law....

I was highly suspect of 7.0, just thought you had an accurate test done. Most of the state of Utah has soils with a pH of 7.8 or more. If you want accurate results, send a sample to a lab or two.

To the Rest of Tree Peeps-

I have tried the pool thingy and it was actually quite accurate, using distilled water. However, I'm not here to endorse them. But they are a much better tool than the probe meters. Like my hero, Ronaldus Magnus, said, "trust, but verify", which is also the case with pool pH meters. And they're cheap. Measuring the pH of a soil is in actuality, measuring the pH of the water in the soil, not the soil itself.


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I agree with M. Soil pH tests do not test the solid particles but the soil solution.

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I believe the method described half water and an half soil is the simplified test method recommend by government agencies for the testing of soil. The actual method requires the use of standards and water that meets specified standards, which includes pH.

The mixture is made stirred and the pH tested on the liquid after the particulate settles.

As I said this is a standard method and can be found in the Federal Register.

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Of course I've tried a pool tester (I have a pool!)â¦only two drawbacks:
1. I'm color blind
2. Hydroponically speaking, you check the water AFTER adding nutrients, sending the colors out of range

What I'm looking for in this forum: A top of the line, easy to read, digital (no colors involved) PH tester. Thanx in advance for any advice!

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

eggman ....

for your pool.. or for soil???

if pool.. try the pool forum ...

if soil ... try the soil forum ...

and since your bio state hydroponics.. try that forum ...

welcome to GW ...

and dont get me wrong.. you can post whatever you want.. where ever you want. ... i am just trying to gives you leads to other sources of info ...

now.. any trees you want to talk about????

coo-coo-ka-chew ... i am the eggman ...


I am the eggman (woo), they are the eggmen (woo), I am the walrus, Coo coo, kachoo. Mister City P'liceman sitting. Pretty little policemen in a row. See how they ...

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