Help with trimming a mature Maple

jamshed(7)May 6, 2012

I have a large maple in my front yard (perhaps 40-50 ft tall).

Last yeat year I did some major trimming to open it up and let more sunlight in and through so that it wasn't killing my lawn below. Took off some of the lower brances as large as 3-4" a their base, and lopped off some of the smaller sub-branches. That worked well. (I hope I did the right thing.)

Now, it is sprouting new shoots from the bare branches again.

Should I leave these until they mature, or cut them off before they get any larger?


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

your link says:

Nothing Here
The file you are looking for has been deleted or moved.

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Sorry, corrected links to pics

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Break them's easier done now. The new growth right now is attached very weakly to the tree. Simply by bending it down and away from the tree, the new growth will break away.

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I agree with smivies, break them off as soon as possible

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

what are you guys talking about..

PRUNE THEM OFF.. with hand pruners.. crimminey ...

but that kind of multiple advantageous shoots.. usually means something is wrong up beyond that point ...

i wish you would learn to put the pix right in the post... to make it easier for me.. because.. it really is.. all about me.. lol ...


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Jam, you pruned off lots of foliage-bearing branches, and now the tree is responding by making new foliage-bearing branches. You're fighting a losing battle in trying to make a Norway maple into a tree that casts light shade.

Where those suckers grow straight up through the crown, cut them off. If you can, leave some though, the ones that are better-positioned. Otherwise, the tree get the idea. You can't take a bunch of the crown away from a tree without that tree reacting. And the way in which it reacts is by trying to undo what you have done. IT's completely normal.


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