Bugs and Disease

Susanne27(5a Ontario Canada)June 22, 2014

Rose chafers and green slugs are really chewing up my roses. Any special favourite recipes out there for a spray that is "organic"?

Also, I have another problem. Powdery mildew appeared on a container rose I bought this spring and it is spreading to nearby roses. The rose it appeared on is supposed to be resistant to mildew. Does anyone have a suggestion for this?

I might be naive but I was hoping that I wouldn't have to spray. I didn't last year but everything is getting hit hard and early this year.

Its been cool and rainy here in Ontario so far this spring with only a few really hot days.


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dublinbay z6 (KS)

The green rose slugs usually only last a couple weeks, at which time the good predator bugs show up and get rid of them.

If you don't want to wait that long, just look at the backside of some chewed leaves. Squint--and when you see the teeny, tiny green "worms," just squish them--or if you are squeamish, toss them in the yard. They aren't likely to find their way back.

Between your hand-picking and the predator bugs showing up, you really don't have to spray at all.

As for powdered mildew, give the roses a good spray and "wash off" the mildew. Water the plants well. They don't usually have this problem unless they are too dry. You shouldn't have to spray for this also.

As to rose chafers, I have no idea. I think I basically just pretend they are not there.


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jerijen(Zone 10)

And, some roses will mildew in their first year or so, when they are immature plants -- then become more resistant as their root structure grows.

Time and good watering will often cure this ill.

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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

Yes I've noticed some areas only get Rose Slugs for a short time depending on how many generations they produce.
Some areas Rose Slugs will and can cause major foilage damage too.

Here we have Rose Slugs from May until November.( six months)... So every area of the country is different in the length of time that Rose Slugs hang around...

My suggestion is to pick and squish as Kate mentions in her post and just watch and see how long your rose slugs stay around in your area and see how much damage they cause. ( Each year will be different.)
Picking and squishing may be enough for you.
If not Safers Insecticidal Soap works. (Follow Directions)

I have a small Mister Lincoln rose bush in a container and this is what I seen the other day while checking him. lol.. I just picked them off...

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