Asteromea mongolica Mongolian or Japanese Aster

rouge21_gw(5)July 13, 2014

I did pick up this plant a month or so ago but have yet to plant it.

From most descriptions it seems as if it is a pretty much foolproof, long flowering perennial.

I am just wondering if any GW members have this plant in their garden.

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catkin(UDSA Zone 8)

It looks like a mini Shasta daisy, I like it! You're finding some great plant material! I have to search far and wide for most choice perennials!

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I got this plant via mail order and I took way too long to plant it so it is still scrawny 5 weeks later but it is giving me a glimpse right now of hopefully good things to come next year ;).

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It sounds good, Rouge, but I'm finding it difficult to read about the plant on-line due to confusion with the name.

It seems that Asteromoea is now included in Genus Kalimeris.

Fine, but there is also confusion between the descriptions and images for the two species, Kalimeris (Asteromoea) mongolica and K. (Asteromoea) pinnatifida.

According to Dave's Garden, Kalimeris mongolica is a synonym of Kalimeris pinnatifida, which would mean that there are both double and single flowered varieties of the latter. One description talks about flowers starting off single, but becoming double.

The rather feverfew-flower-looking pictures Rouge posted do look like some on-line pictures of Kalimeris pinnatifida.

I stopped using the Kalimeris species K. incisa because it was too much of a runner. Boltonia 'Jim Crockett' has proved to be an excellent substitute.

It would be nice to know if the promising plant in Rouge's pictures is a runner or not.

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I've had 'asteromoeia mongolica" for 15 years. It is airy, white from a distance but close up, the palest blue tint with yellow center.

Disabato-Aust writes "They respond well to cutting back before flowering to reduce height, which can effectively layer the planting. Cutting back can also be used to slightly delay flowering on a few plants or on a few stems of an individual pant. Plants cut back by 1/2 in mid June, when about 3 ft tall, flowered at 2 1/2 feet rather than 3 feet. They were also fuller than unpruned plants and flowering was delayed by about one week"

Here in zone 5b-6 mine don't come into full bloom until the end of August/early September. But I probably was late cutting them back this year.
I highly recommend Disabato-Aust's book "The Well -Tended Perennial Garden." It and Michael Dirr's tome on Trees and Shrubs" are my go-to references year round. Well worth the investment or to put on your birthday or holiday gift list (for yourself)

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Here in zone 5b-6 mine don't come into full bloom until the end of August/early September.

Thanks for posting your experiences with this plant 'ida'.

For some reason I had thought it would begin to flower earlier but that doesnt make sense given that it is an "Aster".

Mine has continued to thrive. I do like its more airy look (as compared to other "Asters" I have).

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