Tipuana tipu dying???Please help!

sierrasMay 14, 2009

We bought our house in September last year and for 3 years before that the landscape had not got much attention as we hear from the neighbors and witnessed in the way things looked. The Tipuana tipu looked fairly young (3" dia. trunk, maybe 15' -20' H X W) and very spindly and awkward. It did have some broken branches and rips from before. I pruned it in the winter and did water it a bit. I did not prune more than 1/3 of the tree and was careful.

However, since then, it's leaves started to stipple and turn yellow and now it's almost totally defoliated except for the seedpods. As I understand it, it shoudl be getting ready to flower soon!

We did spot a gopher hole near there, but I am just wondering if I killed it with pruning or could it be the gopher or does anyone have any other ideas? Is it too late to save it as well or what can I do???


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