Picea pungens erich frahm

DJS56May 13, 2014

Why is my picea pungens erich frahm (Blue Spruce) changing colour the new growth is coming out a nice blue/grey colour but much of the old growth nearest the centre of the tree is changing colour to solid dark green can anyone tell me why and what I can do to stop or change this. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

often covered in the tree forum ... and in the hosta forum ...

blueness is a wax coating .. on a green leaf/needle ...

the wax wears off due to weather.. including heat making it soft and hard rain.. sprinkler .. and winter.. hence last years needles are greener.. and the years prior are even greener.. and then they fall off.. no evergreen of any kind.. holds its needles forever ..

the wax is not technically blue.. it reflects the blue sky ... so depending on cloud cover.. your plant will vary in blueness on any given day.. though it sure is brilliant in spring.. until the green under it takes hold ...

so the newest.. freshest growth.. is always the bluest.. and its all down hill from there...

there is nothing you can do to change it.. except if you keep hitting it with the hose of the daily lawn sprinkling ...

its genetics.. so no.. fert wont make a difference ...


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Many Thanks for the info I have been watering using a hose so will in future avoid pointing direct at the needles. This is my first ever use of such a sight and I very grateful for the information as I was not aware of this.

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