Would potassium rich fertilizer help against viruses?

henry_kuskaJune 11, 2014

"We observed that the incidence of SMV can be significantly reduced by application of K+ fertilizer."

Also see the first part of the "RESULTS" section.


Here is a link that might be useful: link for above

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michaelg(7a NC Mts)

Is this result specific to genetically modified plants? I am not equipped to get through this article, but as I understand, fertilizer is not going to radically change the amount of K in normal plant tissues.

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I interpreted the article as stating that they first observed that potassium rich soil resulted in a lower incidence of virus symptoms :

"We observed that the incidence of SMV can be significantly reduced by application of K+.fertilizer."


Then they did a controlled comparison involving the same type of soybean in potassium rich and potassium deficient soils:
"To investigate whether K+ supply affected the resistance of soybean plants to SMV, the susceptible soybean cultivar Williams 82 was planted in pots containing low-K+ soil with or without the addition of K+ fertilizer."

They then went on to describe their research on genetically modified plants.

Please note that in their literature review, they stated the following: "In seventeen case studies on viral disease, high K+ status reduced the incidence of viral diseases in nine studies, although five studies showed the opposite effect [22]."

This is why I wrote the title as a question.

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