Full-sized (non dwarf) cherry as shade tree?

acer(6b western NC)May 16, 2014

Still thinking about what shade tree to plant on a sunny piece of river bottom land in zone 7, NC western piedmont/foothills region. I have a strong preference for natives or at least non-invasive and useful. What about a full-size cherry on natural, non-dwarfing rootstock? I mean a real edible cherry, not the tiny, bitter, wild ones. Where would I find one, and what's the proper name? I wonder of it would it would have a decent lifespan or be short-lived like an orchard cherry?

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Edible cherries ARE orchard cherries, Prunus avium cultivars. You should be able to find them at any garden center. Even Costco and Home Depot sell them in early spring. But most of what you find will be grafted on dwarfing rootstock as that makes the trees much more manageable for home gardens and orchards.

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