REDBUD baby tree - help identifying problem

jlosc(9)May 16, 2014

Would you wonderful experts please take a look at the leaf to my baby red bud tree and tell me what is happening to it?

How can I save this tree? I have three planted and the same is happening to all three.

2 tablespoons of 10-10-10 slow release granular was given in March, we have had a lot of rain since March so I know the trees are not lacking water. PLEASE HELP

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

how tiny

when planted.

what did you do to it at planting .. what did you throw in the hole.. how did you prep the hole ...

was it leafed out when it was planted .. did you harden it off to direct sun ...

never fert a stressed tree ... never fert a tree at planting.. never amend the planting hole ...

how do the buds look ...

is redbud zone appropriate for z9??? .. how hot was it immediately after planting ....

whats your native soil .. does it drain ... is it mulched .. have you stuck your finger in to find out if it is properly watered... or just guessing ....

is this an arbor day tree???

based on the info provided.. the leaf is scorched .. nothing you can do about it ... the future is in the buds ... or it is dead ...


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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

please show us the tree

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love_the_yard(z9A Jax FL)

Hi Jlosic,

I love redbud trees, too. Redbuds are best as understory trees in Florida and other hot climates. They thrive in shifting shade and dappled sunlight. When you see crispy brown leaf margins on almost any plant, it is sunburn. Redbuds are just too susceptible disease and pests when stressed in full, hot sun. Is yours planted in full sun? Do you have a spot with afternoon shade that you could move it to?

See link below - you have have already seen it if you are a fan of the Florida Gardening Forum. Good luck - I hope your plant comes back around. :)

Carol in Jacksonville

Here is a link that might be useful: Dogwoods and Redbuds

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Redbuds are actually very drought resistant and can be planted in full sun. Have supervised projects in central Texas with hundreds of them planted over the years in full sun and parking lots. That said, any tree that is stressed would be helped by partial shade if possible to arrange. Ken has covered all the bases above.

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I planted one last year. Had a few leaves scorch like that when it first started putting out leaves. I believe because so much of the root mass is lost during transplanting that it can't draw water quick enough. Mine has grown out of it now. Make sure you water it when the soil starts to get dry but don't drown it. Providing some shade will help if the majority of the leaves look like that. Other than that, you just have to wait for the roots grow out.

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Thanks for all of your replies. I have attached a picture and have answered Ken_Adrian's questions below, to the best I can. I appreciate all of your feedback. Thanks

The 3 redbuds are less than 3' tall

1 of the redbuds was planted in Spring 2013 and 2 planted in Fall 2013

The trees were Arbor Day saplings put in Miracle Grow potting soil in buckets with draining holes and watered daily. When we felt they were growing well and 'leafed out', we planted them in the areas we wanted them. (one facing East, two south) with shade of other trees. No roots were disturbed. They were planted in direct morning sun.

They were not fertilized when planted, and the soil was not amended.

Leaves come out nice then they get that burned on the edges look.

Yes, the redbuds we have are for Zone 9 The heat was the normal Florida heat when planted, at the time of planting 65 to 70 degrees.

Native soil is sand, well drained, Yes the soil is mulched, we use a meter to determine the correct amount of water.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

you planted them.. AFTER they leafed out???

transplant stress ...

you media in a pot.. was probably all that got an arbor day tree to sprout.. lol .. great place to make a donation... but they usually send carp plants.. the fact that you got two to live.. is supreme ...

but i would have left it in the pot.. until fall planting time ...

and on top of it.. i am surprised the miracle grow media didnt kill them .. lol.. two on your chit ... its very high in peat.. and is made for annuals and perennials... it holds wayyyyy more water than a tree would like.. and on top of it.. you were waering it every day ...

are you understanding how many bullets you've dodged.. lol..

the pic directly above.. the tree looks great ... forget about the leaf way up top ...

and sand is the best drainaing soil in the world for trees... mulch heavy.. but no closer than 2 inches to the tree ... water .. deeply.. thru the whole root planted ... and then dont water again.. until your finger.. stuck in 2 or 3 inches.. indicates its dry.. or hot.. hot sand under mulch.. is usually dry within a few days..

watering is not a schedule thing ... its about learning how to maintain moisture in your soil.. in your yard ...

congrats on beating the odds on ADay carp ...


ps: i am going to be chuckling for a month over guessing ADay ...

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Ken_adrian, thanks for your reply and thanks for laughing at what I wrote. I am a beginner, and I respect everyones opinion, that is why I came here, so I hope you enjoyed your laugh at all of my mistakes. I did what I thought was best. I will learn from my mistakes and thanks for your advice :) I do appreciate anything that I can learn from. Thank you

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