Collecting compost tea using the rubbermaid bins method

perennialfan273(zone 5)July 17, 2009


I recently set up a worm bin with rubbermaid bins (I found the video on youtube). However, after I was finished setting it up, I realized that the person who set it up did not set up his bin so that I could collect the compost tea. Is there a way I can modify my bin so that I CAN collect it, because I've heard it's very good for your plants.

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better question for the vermicomposting forum, they know their stuff over there ;)

It would also help to know what all you have done to your bin so we can know what else you need to do. From my limited knowledge of the topic, all you really need simply put is drainage holes on the bottom and something to catch the drippings, like you would use a saucer for a potted plant. something bigger than the bin and deep enough to hold some liquid (but I'd guess only a few inches is plenty). I dont think these bins typically (if they are balanced correctly) put out a whole lot of liquid.

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rj_hythloday(8A VA)

Agreed, the vermicomposting forum. But that's not tea, it's leachate, you can put it diluted on your plants, I generally pour it on my hot compost pile by removing the top bin and pouring the bottom bin on the pile. Do a search on AVCT aearated vermicompost tea is really what your after. I collect bim, by putting a stocking of cooked brown rice and molasses in the bin (more to it, search out BIM on this forum).

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