Oak wilt

treetoronto3May 2, 2014

Hello, how severe is oak wilt? Will it be considered a devastation to the oak family like the emerald ash borers are to ash trees and the Dutch elm disease is to the elms?

I want to plant an oak, but worry that oak wilt will kill it.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

then dont plant something from the red oak family ...

are you in canada???


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Yes canada, specifically Toronto

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hairmetal4ever(Z7 MD)

I could be wrong, but I don't think oak wilt is in Toronto.

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If oak wilt is not currently present in your area and the tree you'll be planting is relatively isolated from other oaks, then I'd go with an oak, even something in the red oak group if that's what your heart desires. However, Ken is correct about red oaks being more susceptible to wilt than the white oaks.

EAB is spread by an insect, while oak wilt is a fungus that is often spread from one tree to another via root grafts. However, even soil type and terrain can impact spread of wilt, with light soils and flat or gently rolling terrain being more condusive to underground spread of wilt via root grafts.

I live in an area with sandy soil, and oak wilt has diminished the native Q. ellipsoidalis population, which is the most common oak in my neck of the woods. I've got several large Northern Pin Oaks that have died from wilt over the years and it is all very sad. It wouldn't make sense for me to plant a red oak, but it MAY be perfectly OK for you to do so.

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Thanks! Nope it isn't in Canada. But we made the mistake of planting a Green Ash in 2002, it is now dying. Don't want to repeat the same mistake as planting another tree that will die because we didn't take the threat seriously!!

Oak trees are not very common in Toronto like the Ash, Honey Locust and Norway Maple are!

The only oaks in its vicinity would be a Pin Oak planted in the park about 150 feet away and red oak planted in a neigbours yard, about 175 feet away.

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