small new growth and tree health

jbolMay 18, 2014

I live in rural East Texas on a property carved out of native growth. I have noticed one of the last things an old dying tree does is put out lots of short branches from top to bottom. We had a bad drought 2 years ago and a dry Summer last year. We watered as best we could but our supply is limited. Anyway I am sure some of our trees were stressed.
Now some of our large healthy Oaks, Hickories, etc. are showing some of the same small branches.
How definite is this a sign of bad health? Any remedies?
[ 11 inches of rain in the last few weeks :) ].

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I know that for you to get help, you need to post pictures. If the trees are small and you can prune them with a central leader and space the branches, for good even form, that should be what most would advise. If they are large and ............ Try to post some photos on here. I know that will be the first post from Ken or anyone that will be able to help you.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

TX may as well be mars ...

after this cold winter.. up here in MI ... everything is 4 to 5 weeks late ..

time will tell ..

what he said, i would say about pix


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famartin(z5 NE NV)

OP: Are you talking about water sprouts?

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Sounds like epicormic sprouting, common in distressed or damaged trees - have seen it here recently in oaks/hickories that were damaged by disastrous Easter Freeze in 2007, followed immediately by severe drought conditions through the summer and fall.

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