help w/ snapper mower

boostn(Va)August 3, 2010

I am looking for some information on a Snapper riding mower model LX150G w/ the 14hp Briggs motor. I think it was made around 1998. It is my neighbors and he is having problems w/ the starter. What happens is if he doesn't release the key at the split second it starts it will rip the plastic teeth off the gear that engages the flywheel. He has had a shop replace the part several times and the shop told him it was a bad design. He put some of the parts back together and I am not sure if everything is there so a diagram would be helpful. Maybe the spring that pushes the plastic gear back down could have a little more tension w/ the spring. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Idealy engine model and type #s would be the key. It is possible that the flywheel gear is damaged, wrong drive gear installed or that the starter drive is bound up. Does it kick back as it starts? Some had nylon flywheel gears- does yours?

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I wish I could tell you more. I looked at it briefly and will look more tomorrow. It is a plastic gear. From what he says the gear stays at the top too long and will shear the teeth off. He said he has to release the key when starting as soon as it starts to run. Just a quick observation I was thinking of putting a stiffer spring on the gear to push it back down quicker.

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The model number is 287707 and the type is 0119 01

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That design has been used for - 50 years(?)What it needs is a new mechanic.

I would suggest a new starter clutch assembly. Spiral drive ass'y may be damaged.

Walt Conner

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Yes, I looked at the spiral drive. I think I will have to take it off to get a better look. I think I am going to pick up the parts tomorrow and fix it for him. Could be a weak spring???

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"Could be a weak spring???"

As the Ring Gear over speeds the Pinion Gear, it should kick the starter gear down with no spring. It wouldn't hurt to try stretching the spring. Check the spiral drive for a bur holding the gear from retracting.

Walt Conner

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