craftsman tractor won't start

fatassAugust 1, 2014

please help, my craftsman tractor hates me. it won't run. I have spark, new plug, new gas, new alternator, cleaned the carb, new flywheel key to replace sheared one ( I don't remember how that could have happened) I snipped the tip off of the thing in the carb bowl. it wasn't running and a friend advised me to cut it and it worked fine for a few days. I put the magneto back on and used a business card between it and the flywheel, I read that on here. the other day after I put the key in, it started and sounded great, the next day wouldn't start, then it started and sounded horrible and smelled like an ignition problem. it wouldn't idle up and barely moved, today again, it won't start getting some popping and backfiring that's it

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It may be worth checking the key again. If the flywheel is not fully torqued , the key can shear again. Model numbers could be helpful from the engine. Some models were updated to a steel key.

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model 28n707 type 0173-01. I'm starting to think its the needle and seat. I saw on one of these forums a link to where I could buy a kit with the needle, seat and bowl gasket for about $4.75 . anyone know the site? I can't find it again? thanks for the reply tomplum

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hey tomplum, what is the flywheel supposed to be torqued at?

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tomplum, you were right on. I replaced the key and torqued it to 60 ft lbs, but it broke again! WTF????

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100 Ft-Lbs.

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Use the 796335 flywheel key and torque to 110. Be sure the flywheel isn't cracked at the key way.

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thank you gentlemen. I think I got it right this time. I managed to mow the lawn with no problems

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craftsman dyt 4000, 18.5hp, won't start, no spark. Replaced coil, immediate start and ran. Shut off engine, no subsequent restart. No spark. Replaced coil, immediate restart again. Mowed some lawn, shut off engine. Not able to restart engine again due to no spark?

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Pretty safe to say that it isn't the coil.

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