Updating engine need spade locking connectors

rcmoserAugust 7, 2008

Ok going to update my tractor with a new kohler engine. I will be able to plug in most of the wiring. I will have to find a few locking spade male terminal ends ( I want to illimate some old splices). Anybody seen these available anywhere???? I will also have to add a starter solenoid being the old engine had starter mounted solenoid and the new engine don't. Seem a pretty simple process, find a good place to mount the solenoid, batt. wire in, batt. wire out, and start wire to clip. Anything I need to watch for.

The old engine is tired, has weak coil, fuel pump, and the carb loads up (probably due to the weak coil. Plus the starter is on the verge. All that added up to what I paid for a new engine with 2 1/2 more hp. More hp is always a good thing..............

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Starter solenoid will need a good ground if only one small terminal.

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McMaster Carr is the holly grail of virtually any type of mechanical/electricl part you may need (see attached link). I don't know if the link will take you directly to spade connectors, if not, just enter spade connector in their parts search box. They also have virtually every nut, bolt washer, screw etc (especially hard to find stainless or grade marked items) along with every type of plumbing fitting known to man. I use them extensively in my business.

Here is a link that might be useful: mcmaster carr link

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Amp and Molex are 2 large manufactures of electrical connectors.

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Thanks for the suggestions, Haven't found excactly what I am looking for yet, my local search at hardware and auto parts stores was a bust also.

I think I am going to try to unclip the wires from the new engine harness and reclip them inside the quick-disconnect harness. If that don't work I will have to cut out the old splices and refit with new ones.

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Not sure what you mean by locking spade connector ends. If you are talking about the male version of the slide on connector these are pretty easy to find. You need to know the gauge of the wire to determine if you need the red, blue, or yellow size. Probably blue or maybe yellow. See link below:


If you are using ANY crimp terminals I would strongly recommend soldering them unless you have an industrial style ratcheting crimper. See link:


Here is a link that might be useful: All Electronics Crimp Terminals

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the locking blade connectors are used from the factory on any quick-disconnect connection to hold the wire in the connector so they won't pull or work out. they have a thin piece of metal you have to unsnap to slide the terminal out of the multi-quick disconnect connectors. A jewelers screwdriver, scribe or any thin bladed screwdriver works, you slide down one side of terminal and unclip the lock and slide the terminal out, it just snaps back in when you install it.

I have a bunch of crimp terminals Male and female but they don't have the lock feature. they will probably work, I plan on unlocking the new engine harness terminal and sliding it in the frame harness connection providing they are the same size. My tractor in 12 years old and they maybe using a different type of terminal end now days. thanks for the link and information. rc

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rcmoser, if you don't have any luck finding NEW spade terinals, try visiting an auto salvage yard. Take one of your terminals with you (to match up) and search until you find a male & female connector that has the type spade you are looking for, then cut the harness on both sides of the connectors (so you have both types of spades as spares). Even if you don't find the exact type of spade you are seeking, if you find a wire harness (or just a "pig tail" having the desired number of conductors, you can splice the whole thing in to achieve your goal. Solder and heat shrink tubing will make it a dependable join.

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