How to grow a Japanese Maple Tree

Kelby232(6-6b PA)May 1, 2014


I have big japanese maple tree in my yard with a lot of smaller japanese maples growing within it's drip line. Last year I was hoping a few of them would grow large enough for me to transplant to a different spot in my yard, but that did not happen.

So my question is, how do I go about digging some of the small babies up and take care of them so I can make sure they grow?

What I'm thinking I should do, is to dig them up and pot them inside for a year. What do you think I should do?

Here are some pictures of the babies. They are maybe 5 inches tall or so:

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

you tie big bright string on them ...

and then dig them up when they are dormant in fall ...

and then either move them.. or pot them ...

since you have many ... try potting some up now ...

buy a bag of cactus media ... moisten it well ... fill a one gallon pot.. and put two in there.. and then put it in full bright shade ... for summer ...

keep it rather dry ... do not water it like annuals or perennials ... and see if you have roots growing out the bottom of the pot in fall ...

its tricky to dig up a leafed out tree.. do not be surprised if it loses all its leaves in the process ...


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Kelby232(6-6b PA)

Thank you Ken.

I'm assuming the string is so I don't lose track of them haha. My plan for this weekend was to weed out that whole area. Hopefully I don't hit any of the baby maples.

I like the 2 prong approach you suggested. I'm going to do exactly that.

For the ones I'm leaving outside, should I leave the pine straw mulch where it is? Should I do any extra watering to them? I'm guessing I should if it's really hot or drought-like conditions.

For the two I pot, should I just pot them and put them outside directly under the tree they are growing now? Is there a certain temperature range that they will be okay outside?

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