small pines for NC?

cousinfloydMay 8, 2014

I want to plant something that will size up fairly quickly to provide year-round shade for an area. The area I'd like to plant has some morning shade but it's pretty much full sun now. What I would love would be something like 12 year old loblolly pines planted 10-12' apart in about a 6x6 square. Loblolly pines would be perfect at 12 years old, but would eventually get much bigger than I'd want. Is there any kind of pine I can plant that would max out at 20-30' tall? What about Korean nut pines? Or could I prune something like a loblolly to stay shorter? If I could, what would it look like?

I've also thought about Magnolia grandiflora. How fast growing would a grove of magnolias be? I think I'm too far west/north for live oaks. There aren't any Asian evergreen oaks I could plant, are there? There was a beautiful oak tree on the campus of NCSU that I think was evergreen. The acorn caps had concentric rings. Hollies would be nice, but I'm pretty sure I want something faster growing. Are there any evergreen edibles I could plant beside nut pines? I could compromise fast growth for something edible.

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Maybe you could use Virginia Pine? If you're in eastern NC I certainly recommend Longleaf Pine or Shortleaf Pine over Loblolly Pine, but they do get just as large.

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Any of those pines would certainly grow here. Longleaf isn't common, but loblolly is commonly planted, and shortleaf and Virginia pine are common volunteers. Why would you recommend any of the others over loblolly? I was thinking loblolly mainly because I thought it grew the fastest, but also because I've seen managed stands of lolbolly that look exactly like what I'd want. Looks aren't my first priority, but I mostly think of Virginia pines as terrible-looking trees.

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