Trouble with almond tree.

cjc00May 23, 2014

I planted an almond tree is about a month ago about the same time I planted a cherry tree and it is the first time i have planted anything so I got little to no experience in this matters. The tree is 5 1/2 feet tall and it looks good except that the leaves are turning yellow fast. Most of the yellow leaves are in the bottom part. Any advice you can provide will be most appreciated. I would also like to know how much water do they require (in gallons if possible) per week. Thanks.

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Roots are too wet or too dry, poke around in the soil to see which.

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bboy i watered it yesterday so it is wet right now. I bought a moisture meter at Home Depot and it said that it was "wet" should i stop watering for a couple days?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

a tree is a tree ... you dont need a different post for each type... but if you want.. go for it ...

i gave you the planting instruction sheet with the other post ... i will repeat it here below

read and reread watering instructions until you understand them ... you are responsible for all PROPER water for 2 years ...

what are all the boards ...??? ... you are probably cooking the roots... subject to how well you water the thing ... and its not helping that you dont have a lawn yet.. bare soil gets very hot .. reflected heat.. and retained heat.. long into the night...

again ... its TRANSPLANT SHOCK .... period ..

proper tree planting season is when the tree is leafless.. dormant ... so the roots have some time to get situated.. and pumping.. before they have to support the leaves ... when you do it leafed out.. you add all kinds of variables... and are seeing the result ...

mark a 4 foot circle using the trunk as the center.. and fill 3.5 feet of it with bagged mulch ... it should also be covered at the link ...

i dont know what the plastic is all about.. but remove it ASAP ... another thing that is heating up ...

and the staking is pretty useless ... as it is right now ... start a post about staking if you want to learn..

i have had leafed out trees lose every single leaf ... but as long as the root mass is properly cared for.. it will releaf ... we dont want to get that far ... but you are far from failing..

watering is an art.. not a science.. its not a calender thing.. nor a how many gals thing ..

its all about your micro climate.. how hot.. how your soil accepts and holds water.. and how it drains.. ABSOLUTELY NO ONE CAN TELL YOU HOW IT ALL WORKS.. in your soil.. in your garden ...

so read up the link ... and good luck


Here is a link that might be useful: link

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