Best Riding Mower for someone who's disabled

sisterofthemoon(7)September 19, 2008

Not sure if I can get an answer on this, but having read through several of the postings, it seems that everyone here is genuine, so here goes.

We own 2½ acres of land (some slopes, but fairly easy to mow). Currently, we are using a 30" rear engine mower, and it takes about 3-4 hours to mow everything, so we are upgrading. I do the primary mowing, mainly because I cannot walk behind the push mower to trim (I'm disabled). We've looked at several different brands of riding mowers, and are looking very closely at a Husqvarna (20hp, 46" deck).

Can anyone tell me if the type of mower we're looking at will "beat me senseless", or is it a pretty comfortable ride? Also, does anyone know if a canopy can be attached to it (I'm very sensitive to sunlight,and have been mowing either early morning, or late evening...which usually means splitting the mowing between 2 or more days).

I know......weird question....but you guys seem like you know these things......

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With model # on hand Go to Huqvarna web site and see if they offer a canopy for it.

As far as ride. With proper tire pressure it should ride as well as what you have maybe better. The larger diameter tires the better ride usually.

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My 70 yr old inlaw, who can use his arms fairly well, but back and legs are pretty bad, couldnt use husky lawn tractor hardly at all, he bought a zero turn and has no problems, it depends a lot on what part of you doesnt work right anymore.

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You didn't say how you were disabled, but if you have leg issues you may want to go with a Craftsman with hand controlled hydro. I think you can get a canopy for most of their tractors, and their made by the same company as the Husqys.

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My disability is Myasthenia Gravis....basically means that sometimes my muscles won't work (and which muscles are affected can vary from day to day). I also have COPD, which inhibits me doing much walking, which is why I can't use the self-propel mower.

I get alot of back pain using our old mower, mainly from sitting for so long, and from bouncing around alot. That's what I was referring to when I mentioned being "beaten senseless". The Husq model we are looking at has cruise on it, so it won't be too much of an issue for my legs.

We have looked at the zero turn mowers, but I'm not a small woman, and it's VERY difficult for me to move the levers on them into reverse, even with the seat all the way back.

By the way.......I really DO appreciate everyone's answers!!

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IMO Mowing in early mornings and late evenings usually when all the moisture in the grass. IMO this not only reduced the moisture in the grass but slings it all over your tractor and deck. IMO unless you are religously clean the tractor off after use it will be a rust buck in a few short years. About all husq/sears tractors have a canopy option attachment. also anything you can put your leg though the steering wheel and the seat is much easier than trying to throwing you leg over the seat.

If you want speed and comfort then a ZTR with suspension is the way to go. less time out in the sun (twice as fast as LT), less bounce, and easy to mount. Some drawbacks, Cost and not too tow friendly. But a good toro or gravely will last a very long time if well kept.

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My neighbor who is somewhat disabled?He is 82 years old had to trade his John Deere Z225 zero turn off for a John Deere X304.Reason was he could not get off the zero turn.He had trouble standing up to dismount.When he did struggle to get up from the seat he had a balance issue getting safley to the ground.He is much better off with the X304.

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davidandkasie(Z8 MS)

don't count on teh cruise helping much. it is not usually like the cruise on a car that you can set at any speed, many only have a couple spots you can set them. this always ends up being too slow for the straight aways and too fast for the turns(sounds like a NASCAR description LOL). i mow 4 acres and have 417ft runs in any direction, yet i rarely ever use the cruise on either of my machines due to havign to constantly slow dow to cut around trees/pick up sticks and debris/ease over rough spots. you have to mash the pedal down and release the cruise, so this gets as tiring as just keeping your foot on teh go pedal.

my best advice to you is go sit on as many different models as you can. if possible actually drive them around on YOUR property, though this is doubtful if buying from a box store.

also keep in mind the amount of regular maintenance items you will have. will you be able to remove the deck to clean/change blades? many box store mowers are a royal PITA to get the deck off. folks find it easier to just lift the mower to get under it. so look at deck removal procedures prior to buying.

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tomhoffman(NE Iowa)

Take a look at a Walker ZTR, it only takes two fingers of the left hand to steer and to back up. I am 6'5" tall and 325 lbs. It is a pleasure to use.

Here is a link that might be useful: Here is their link

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