Is this a disaster? Miracle Grow Moisture Control

emcd124(5)January 20, 2012

I am all excited to finally start WSing, seeds laid out and planned, containers washed and sterilized, milk jugs cut in half. Yesterday while out at Sams Club I saw that they had big bags of potting soil for $11, and thought: yippeee! now I can get officially started.

But today while googling around on WSing, I came across a few folks who said absolutely never to use the Miracle Grow Moisture Control potting mix for WSing. How big a deal is this? Do I need to lug the double bag back across town in the snow-storm? (or, being less dramatic: Just delay gratification and try to exchange it next week)?

we dont seem to have this promix people talk about around here, or at least it isnt showing up in searches of lowes or home depot. And it seems crazy expensive on amazon.

Any suggestions?

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No worries... I used it last year when I ws'd 1500 containers! Last spring was an EXTREMELY wet year and while I do feel some of my seeds rotted, I had AWESOME success! Tons of germination! I too bought mine from Sams so I'm sure it's the same stuff.

Happy sowing!

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I have used it too with no problem - I live in a dry desert climate in zone 7b. Since I sow in styrofoam cups it made a real difference once things warmed up around here - normally those small containers dry out pretty quick.

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I also used it with no problems! Use it up!

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I use it. But I prefer the non-moisture. The problem with the mixture in my opinion, is it's too heavy. I had to mix each of my batches with per-lite and vermiculite to make it lighter and the water to drain more readily. Just test your drainage first. If it's good then all is well.

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docmom_gw Zone 5 MI(5)

I use it for everything, and I have great results.


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