Planting groundcover/drought tolerant in decomposed granite

brownmolaAugust 17, 2010

Hi guys, I just laid about 3" of decomposed granite in my front yard (after I pulled out all the grass) and want to plant some ground cover/drought tolerant plants in it. Do I just dig a hole in the decomposed granite and plant the small plants or should I throw some organic matter (compost) into the hole as well?


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What does this stuff look like? Particle size especially. Is it like gravel, cat litter, sand...?

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It is a mix between, powder, sand, and small cat litter sized pebbles.


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IIRC, decomposed granite is somewhat acidic. I've got more experience with drought tolerant plants in alkaline soils, but you might try Dutch White clover.

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Just scrape the granite back with your hands, , plant the groundcover (put the dirt from the hole onto a tarp so you don't mess up the gravel), and scrape it back when you are done.

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