156 degree compost, what!!!

MichaelAugust 4, 2014

I've done many a compost pile over the decades but never had one like this beast in terms of temperature. I made the pile from fresh sweet corn stalks run through a shredder after harvesting the ears. The shredded material was made into a heap about 3' tall and 4' in diameter. Two days later, the pile temp. in it''s center was 156 degrees. Not expecting such a rapid, extreme temperature rise, I turned the pile to get it below 140 which the turning did. The next morning the temp was back to 156 so I turned it. This pattern repeated 3 more times until today when the pile seems to have stabilized for a little more than 24 hours at 130.

I've composted my corn stalks before just like this year's and not gotten the extreme high temps, usually around the 130s, kinda weird.

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The C:N ratio, moisture levels, and air supply have been just right for the thermophilic bacteria.

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Maybe the bt-corn scientists slipped in some compost-ready genes?

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