is my tree dying or diseased?

christypieMay 8, 2014

I don't know what kind of tree this is, b I noticed the bark peeling. Leaves have not started to bloom yet.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

not much is budded out in my Adrian mi ...

maples are just flowering ...

i cant make anything of the pix ... i cant even tell what the top left is????

top right look like normal bark ...

not sure whats happening bottom left ... and the right one looks OK ...


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I just mentioned that the leaves haven't bloomed much yet because that means I can't identify the tree. The upper left is a huge area where the bark has peeled off completely, looks like some sort of tunneling on the base layer. Not sure why it's hard to see the pics. I see them just fine.

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Wow! With that kind of reply no one is going to want to help you!

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To all tree peeps-- I'm about to not just speak for myself, but for others with the same predicament:

Sometimes, anxiety/frustration/always being in a hurry easily comes accross as rudeness. I'm guilty of this, it's a shortcoming, I suppose. I try to stand up always for the little man. I'm not into bullies/false prophets/people who use their position to get others to "obey".

People that know me and who I speak with in person regularly, know that I have a very good heart; they know I have integrity, and can be trusted with their life. I have a very dry sense of humor, also, that works very well in person.

People that don't know me, for example friends of friends on facebook, are sometimes, initially, taken aback, by a "just the facts, ma'am" attitude, combined with an ironic/sardonic/devil-may-care humor.

(This might be due to being a scientist/geek, or I got it from my beloved German mother, for whom I admire a great deal. She escaped East Germany in the early sixties, with my brother, and had to stand up to the Stazi when caught on the way out-- I love you, Mom).

I try to be humorous to allay a tendency in the written form to be too blunt. Forgiveness is divine, and I am much less sensitive to people being blunt with me, in person or in writing, because I simply am not into "hypocrisy".

So, sometimes you got to give people a break, particularly when they're not full of it/sloppy with the facts or passionate/simply upset and in need of help.

To the OP- Yes, the tree has disease/pest problems. The challenging part is to find out the cause. Disease is almost always caused by some environmental factor, so call an ISA-certified arborist and be done with it.


P.S.- Thankyou all for letting me state my "strong opinion". You gotta know that us full-blooded Krauts simply can't help ourselves, sometimes. Understanding and keeping a loving attitude even with those who we may perceive as our "enemies", goes a long way towards serenity in life. That's what I believe, anyways.

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Thank you for the information. Also, it was not my intention to come off rude by stating that I had no issue with seeing the pictures, as they show up large and clear on my screen, so I was trying to assess what the problem might be. I was typing on my phone and was keeping things "matter of fact". It doesnt mean Im rude, Im actually a quite cheerful and happy person. But I regress, thank you Mackel for the information.

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beng(z6 western MD)

My best guess without leaves or twig-closeups is an elm species. Chinese elm naturally sheds bark somewhat like that.

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