carding mill?

zone6-njJune 26, 2013

Hi Everyone,

Hope all is well. I was in a garden center a few weeks ago and saw a beautiful rose that was orangish-pink and when i smelled it, it was amazing (sweet, kind of fruity, maybe a little myrrh?) and when i looked at the label it was one of those big austin labels saying it was carding mill. I would have purchased it on the spot if it wasn't $60, I figured I could buy it from David Austin himself for less than $30. Now, a few weeks later I saw carding mill located in a local rose garden, and that was very myrrh like when i smelled it. This threw me off completely. Anyway, I bought 2 from heirloom a few days ago. Was wondering, was the one in the garden center mislabeled? Does it have a sweet fragrance/change fragrance? I loved the scent in the garden center, not as much in the rose garden (even though I didn't hate it, just preferred the other scent more). Anyone with carding mill please give your thoughts on the fragrance/strength as well. Would be greatly appreciated.

Im in zone 6/northern jersey.

Have a good one,


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nippstress - zone 5 Nebraska

Hi Drew

I have two Carding Mill bushes and I'd describe the scent as mildly fruity without the intense myrrh of things like Scepter'd Isle, but I'm a notoriously unreliable nose. I certainly wouldn't class it as fragrant as Sharifa Asma or Wm Shakespeare 2000, but I find mine to be pleasant in the garden.

As far as growth habits, Carding Mill tends to be mostly upright and a moderate rebloomer for me. One of them fills the role of a small climber against a fence and hovers around 6' tall. The other stays around 4 feet with pruning in my zone, but is still upright. Hardy without any problems in zone 5, and better than average resistance to BS in my yard.


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My Carding Mill is only 2 yrs old but already one of my favorites. For me a nice mild, easy(?) fruity scent. It's about 10' from a well eastablished bush of Scepter'd Isle that has a heavy myrrh scent. There is a big difference between the scent of both bush's. Mine is own root and about 3' high and 2' wide. Beautiful clean foliage from top to bottom. In my garden it's a keeper.

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Thanks a lot for the replies! Glad to know its the scent I smelled in the garden center. I received my 2 from heirloom today. Will be putting them in the ground soon. A quick note though, there were 3 bushes in the rose garden of CM, and the other two seemed healthy but one was covered in something (blackspot?) and looked weak. From what I heard though, the disease resistance is good with this rose, am I right? And I'm guessing it needs full sun? Unlike some other Austin's that wouldn't mind shade at parts of the day?

Thanks again!

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Mine is planted on the east side of my house along the front porch. It gets morning sun and by 1 PM it is shaded. It is just as happy as it can be. No blasting full sun that can cook or fade the blooms.

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