Kalimeris Incisa Blue is a garden stalwart for me

rouge21_gw(5)July 14, 2014

This particular specimen has been in bloom for about a week and will continue to bloom through summer drought into September. With a "Chelsea Chop" the plant can be made a little more tame. But given that it is in an area of the garden which is very much wild I just let it go.

In this first picture it is to be seen on the left:

Here is a shot focused only on the plant itself:

And now a close-up of the flowers themselves:

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Very nice.

It's hard to tell...is it white or lavender? (I know it says blue)

Also nice in size...how long has it been planted there?

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aachenelf z5 Mpls

When I saw you post, I thought: Kalimeris? Kalimeris? Why do I know that name?

Then it hit me, I planted a Kalimeris integrifolia 'Daisy Mae' this spring. It was a pretty small plant and hasn't bloomed yet, but it seems to be growing fast. It wouldn't surprise me if it did bloom before the end of summer.

Yours is pretty. I'm looking forward to seeing what mine does.


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The aster like flowers have petals with a hint of blue and a yellow center.

(I think the plant you are seeing is now in its 3rd year in our garden).

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"...Kalimeris integrifolia 'Daisy Mae'...."

Of course I immediately looked up this particular species. Very nice Kevin.

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Kirstin Larson

A customer recently came in looking for this plant, and I wasn't familiar with it. One of our growers had it, so we ordered it in and they were all promptly acquired by our avid gardening customers. Next time we get it in, I'll have to make sure I grab one quickly before we're sold out again!

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catkin(UDSA Zone 8)


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Have you had much seeding from that, Rouge? I had a Kalimeris (not sure which one - a neighbour gave it to me) that seeded around vigorously. It was pretty but I eventually got rid of it. I'm becoming less tolerant of self-seeders and have a number of things that are now questionable but that I used to like!

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'woody', I have two of these KIB, both in the same general area and I have not noticed any seeding.

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GreenHearted(5a IL)

So pretty! I also heard that Kalimeris was a determined self seeder so I have previously stayed away. Perhaps certain cultivars are better behaved.

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Due to Rouge, I too have the Kalimeris in its semi first year, planted late last year. Starting to look good but would seem to need time to develop.

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