transplanting perennials

marillachrisJuly 31, 2014

I would like to dig up a few black eyed susans- currently in bloom and bring them to a friend at work for planting in her yard.Is it best to place them in pots or a bag with soil in it? Thank you!

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Unless you dry it out completely it is almost impossible to kill a Susan. If you dig around the bottom you may find some "baby" plants and that would be the best thing to move in the summer. I've moved them spring summer and fall, they are very determined to live. Put them in a pot or bucket with water or in a plastic bag, just be sure it is wet and not left in a hot car.

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It also depends what you mean by Black Eyed Susan, the common 'rudbeckia hirta', is a biennial and will likely die very soon after the seeds mature.

If you mean 'rudbeckia fulgida' like 'Goldstrum', they produce offsets for next year each year, and will be amenable to being dug, divided, and replanted.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i would do it in september.. when days are cooling.. and nights are cooler ...

though it can be done anytime.. in most of the country august is not the prime time .. especially if you friend is a newb to the garden ...

otherwise... tell her to NEVER let it dry out in august.. but dont drown it ..

the alternative.. would be to pot them.. and tell her to put the pot in shade.. and plant it in sept or so ...

again... its not that it cant be done.. its about making it foolproof ...

and.. if i did it in august.. i would expect it to look like carp the rest of the year ... i would be gifting a future ... not instant gratification ... so dont expect it to look pretty.. but be pleasantly surprised if it does ... thats called lower expectations.. .lol ...


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