acer ginalla flame dead?

rj56May 4, 2012

I had this tree planted by the nursery two going on 3 falls ago. It has yet to bud out. It looks like it's dead, but if I scrape a little bark off it still appears green. It's supposed to be a hardy tree and I can't imagine what could have ended its life. We did have an early spring here in Ohio, then a freeze one night. Any thoughts?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

it should be fully established..

and able to cope with a hard frost/freeze ... of which i have had many just north of toledo ...

give it a few weeks to see if it rebuds ...

patience man ... woman .. whatever.. lol ..

and QUIT scratching it.. lol ..


ps: the worst would be to reflush and get hit again ....

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Okay. I've never paid anyone to plant anything for me, and will be terribly disappointed if I have to replace this. I will try to be patient,stop scratching and maybe put it on my prayer list? Thanks for your expertise.

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