Deadheading Meadowsweet..F vulgaris

raehelen(USDA 7-8)July 2, 2014

I'm wondering if I deadhead my Meadowsweet, (Fern-leaved Dropwort, aka Filipendula vulgaris, not F ulmaria), will I get any more flowers?

They are all just about finished now, and I would love to see more flowers. One source said it would make no difference, but I would love to hear from someone who actually grows it.

TIA, Rae

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I've never had mine rebloom.

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No rebloom on mine as well.

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agree>>I cut my spent flowers off and that is that.

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raehelen(USDA 7-8)

Thanks so much! Not what I wanted to hear, but now I know! I had recently bought Canna lilies in bloom, and found out they will keep blooming if I deadhead. Having always started them from tubers and having to wait all summer until a flower appeared, I never knew they would keep blooming...LOL. When I first looked up Meadowsweet, all the Google hits were for F. ulmaria, and many sources said it will keep blooming if deadheaded (though I hadn't found that). So I had high hopes! :>)

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