Which Arbor Vitae Can Be trained into a tall, thick privacy hedge

tommyliciousMay 12, 2012

Hello! Which types of Arbor Vitae can be trained into a tall, thick, continuous privacy hedge? I've seen some arbor vitae plantings that look relatively skinny, whilst others can be grown together to form a gorgeous "green wall" privacy hedge. Many thanks.

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Tommy, given adequate light and room, most any upright cultivar will work for that. Planted close enough together, and this will vary depending on which cultivar you are working with, I see no reason why pretty much all of them could'nt be used this way.

Maybe the thinnnish-looking ones you saw were in too much shade.


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

any that grow to the height you want..

its more about how far apart you plant them.. as to a screen block

w/o pix of your thin ones.. it is usually that they were planted long ago.. and in the intervening years.. deciduous trees have overgrown them.. causing the shade tom alludes to ...


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