wreaking havoc this morning!

charleney(8a PNW)June 18, 2014

Deadheading 100 or more. I get into it and think I should just use a chainsaw. But I keep on keeping on. Turn around and saying wow "I am all done for now". And some rose in the back says "you missed me!" O crap! I give it some thought and want so badly to walk away. But, those couple little buggers will be bugging me all day! So, I know I just trudge back and do it! I hate when my roses scream at me. I got them all done, and left all the cuttings for my sweetheart to pick up. He truly doesn't mind, but I even feel guilty about that.

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

They do like all that primping, don't they! Like taking the curlers out of the hair--the results look so much better!

So glad you don't show favoritism to some of your roses, leaving the others to fade away in neglect.

: )


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You need to give yourself permission to ignore the few you miss. They won't destroy your garden nor "lose the war for the Allies". Those are part of the "small stuff" you're not supposed to "sweat". You are the only one who is going to notice them, believe me. Permitting yourself to be bothered by the one or two you missed out of the hundreds is you giving yourself permission to be over worked and over whelmed. Try giving yourself permission to not be "perfect". Life is grand once you learn how! Kim

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