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TopKat13June 18, 2014

I have a young plant in a 10" terra cotta pot. One of the stems has several nice blossoms on it. The problem is that the blooms are so heavy that the slender stem can't support the weight, and is bent almost horizontal.

I'm trying to figure out how to support and keep the stem upright, until it gets strong enough to carry the weight on it's own. Any suggestions will be much appreciated. Thanks

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

The quick, cheap way is to look around your yard for some tree twiglets that have fallen down. Pick a fairly straight one, break off all the side twiggies except near the top, and insert your twiglet under the sagging blooms. It will hold them up and hardly be noticeable.

Or go to a place like Home Depot and buy a couple metal supports for single blossoms. Insert one in your soil under the sagging blooms and let the blooms rest on the circular top of the support.

I always keep a variety of supports of various sizes around just for such occasions.


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johnnycabot(Z4b MI.)

What is the name of that wonderful rose? Suggestions given are the best unless you have one of those short folding metal fence type things that sometimes use around a peony or tall perennial?

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johnnycabot(Z4b MI.)

Sorry read your post too fast, 10" pot makes a big difference, folding metal fence for in ground option. :)

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Many garden centers, home improvement stores which have "garden departments", even Dollar Store type outlets sell packages of thin bamboo stakes, usually stained green. They range from a foot to six feet in length, are packaged in plastic bags and sell usually for under $5. Often the shortest lengths contain about a dozen with the longer ones containing six. They're perfect for staking the errant single stems of plants such as you describe. Kim

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jerijen(Zone 10)

Unless this is a miniature rose -- or even if it is -- a 10" pot isn't big enough for your rose. And Terra Cotta pots aren't good choices for roses.

It probably won't produce mature growth unless it has some room to grow roots.

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