reverse safety switch problem on simplicity

goblin127September 2, 2009

Hello everyone! 2005 simplicity broadmoor. When I go to engage pto engine dies,but if I toggle the mowe in reverse key quickly the motor is fine and the mower will stay running and even cut in reverse. Its got to be the switch or something before the switch that I cant find. I have cleaned the contacts on the pto and the mow in reverse key switch. Any thoughts? thanx! scott

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***"but if I toggle the mowe in reverse key quickly the motor is fine and the mower will stay running and even cut in reverse."***
That is the detail that might indicate the reverse gear position switch has failed, or is stuck. If the reverse gear sensing switch is active all the time (thinks the trans is in reverse, even when it is not), that would invoke the engine shut down provision in the PTO MIR safety interlock circuitry. Find the reverse gear sensing switch and unplug it to determine if it is shorted or stuck in the active position. On machines that use a "kill engine" circuit in the No Mow In Reverse interlock wiring, the Key switch position that over rules the interlock......actually REMOVES the reverse sensing switch from the scheme (and that circuit becomes open) so the reverse sensing switch cannot ground the magneto, or the ignition module, whichever is used in the specific application. I don't have a wiring diagram that covers your Simplicity, so I don't know exactly how your machine is configured, but all NMIR systems require a sensor (a switch) that detects reverse gear. A particular OEM might use that sensor to directly kill the engine, or feed that info to a relay that will kill the engine (or at least dis-engage the PTO). If a specific wiring diagram for your tractor could be viewed, a more exact answer might be available. Model numbers and serial numbers are needed to get that kind of detail online.

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serial no is00684 03523 mfg no 1694630 1694036 thanx mownie! I was thinking could there be a button or something that the reverse pedal ingages that is stuck in position that is then making the safty switch think its in reverse? thanx again1

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I have a 2007 Broadmoor and had exactly the same problem and trouble shooting results. If you slide up under the tractor, you will see a plunger switch that the arm to the forward/reverse pedals pushes against when you go in reverse. On mine, the plunger had "hung up" in the reverse position, I think it was not properly positioned at the factory. A simple tap to the switch to free the plunger and then adjusting it back away from the arm fixed it.

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OK, thanks lake bum :^). Glad to learn about the "tried & true". None of the numbers posted by goblin would satisfy the Simplicity manuals search engine at their website. Does anybody have a bona fide model number that can be plugged in in order to look for an online owners manual/wiring diagram for a similar circa Broadmoor?

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Hi Mownie, the number 1694630 looks like the Broadmoor number, and 1694036 is the deck number. Both these numbers work for me individually on the Simplicity site.

I had a similar problem with my 2005 Regent. It went away after I removed and refitted all the switch connectors trying to track down the problem - so on mine it must have been one of these connectors, rather than a switch being out of position. My Regent also has a "neutral" switch near the hydro, but the Broadmoor doesn't seem to have that in the parts diagram.

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OK, either I typed in an incorrect number last night, or something was amiss at the Simplicity site. I typed in the number this morning and voila......a very uninformative owners manual was sign of a wiring diagram in it. I guess a wiring diagram is "too technical" for Briggs to give it away "for free". Briggs (but they are not alone) kinda reminds me of the revenue grabbing, ticket writing little towns where the sheriff watches for out of state plates with a pair of binoculars. But that's another rant.
Anyway, if somehow, a wiring diagram for one of the Simplicities were to get posted, it sure would be nice.

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Thank you everyone for ypur help. It turned out to be exactly like ikbum said. WD40 on the button seems to have fixed the problem for now.

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i have a simplicity express, all i am getting is a clicking when i try to start it. i was told it may be the safety switch when the nachine is ib neutral, i was told it was spring loaded. does anyone know where i can find the exact location. btw, i teried breaking the engine loose by turning it back and forth from the top and i was alos told to try jumping the cellenoid. i am down to my last few tries before i out it in for service. thoughts?

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How old is the battery? Any battery older than 2 years is not the best to have. The clicking might just be that problem!

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enigma_2(z5 IN)

I can't answer for the rest of the fellas, but the problem you described is *normal operation* (at least it is on my Simplicity).

If you attempt to back up with the blades engaged, and, you have not turned on the backup switch, the engine is designed to die (it's a safety feature reminding you to look in back of the tractor for any kids, dogs, toys in the yard, etc.)

Once you trigger the backup it will stay on until you turn off the mower deck (in which case you will need to hit the backup switch again).

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