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moonwolf_gwJanuary 10, 2014

Hi everyone,

Life's been keeping me busy lately, and I only have 12 containers of perennials sown, with quite a few more to go. I'm planning to do more in the near future. Some of the seeds I have sown are ones I have never sown before (Sweet Autumn Clematis, Alpine Strawberry, Golden Rain Tree, to name a few). I hope they sprout! I already have a SAC in my garden, but I know a few folks who would gladly take them lol.

Other projects that have been keeping me busy are my latest costume project: The Winter/Ice/Snow Queen. Any fellow creative beings out there? I would love to share my ideas!

This winter has been pretty brutal to us all. I'm thinking we'll have an abundance of sprouts when spring rolls around.

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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Brad are sure you want to grow Golden rain tree. Yes it can be a beautiful tree but its horrible invasive demon from hell.

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I never heard of it being invasive. I know Sweet Autumn Clematis can be nearly invasive for some people, but mine hasn't shown signs of it yet. We had one here in the yard and it never did well at all. It only bloomed a single flower in the few years we had it. If that was the same tree. The flower was the same shape as a wisteria.

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

The golden rain tree isn't listed as an invasive in his state, in fact it's on the list from PSU as a reasonable choice for areas receiving overhead shade.

True, it's going to self sow some and he might find himself doing some seedling pulling if in an area of bare or mulched ground rather than more of a mowed lawn site.

And that's true if growing Koelreuteria paniculata/golden rain tree, or Laburnum which may be called both golden rain and golden chain as common names.

I need to do some catching up too Brad. With the holidays, then year end bookkeeping that I do for DH, I haven't had much chance to do anything for my garden, and my garden still has one area not ready to plant after removing shrubs, weeds, blackberries last Fall. I need a truck load of compost and by the time I was ready for it, Fall rains had started ;)

Wish I were creative enough to help you with costuming but that's just not an area where I'm clever like you will do quite a good job though with your theatre background. Will we see a photo at some point?

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morz8, Actually, I don't act in my theatre group. Not yet, anyways. I've also crocheted since 9th grade, so I'm no stranger to being creative. This past Halloween I went as Cruella De Vil, and it was a big hit. The two years before that, I was a male version of The Usherette from the musical The Rocky Horror Show (you only use Picture in the title when referring to the film). Anyways, you shall see pictures of it when it is all done. I have the base of the crown started (I taped two headbands together I got at the dollar store). You make icicles out of glue and add glitter. I got a pack of glitter glue sticks at the dollar store this evening as well, so I shall try it with those. I'll string some beads and attach those to the crown as well.

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

If the right part ever came up at the right time for you, I'm sure you'd do a nice job in a play. In the meantime, some of your creative side can show in your garden.

We'll look forward to you sharing that costume with us.

And I didn't know 'Picture' wasn't used referring to the musical, I've probably been saying it wrong.

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steff442(8b Portland OR)


HA! What a coincidence...I have played in the Rocky Horror PICTURE Show for around 15years in Portland! I played Magenta and Dr. Frank n Furter for most of those years. Various characters here and there. Wish I had the guts to get up there and actually SING, like you. All I am good for is lip-syncing and imitation.

Our cast would also have different theme nights where you dress up as something different while performing your character. Loads of fun, and that's where the creativity in costuming had to come in. After 15 years, I had to get REALLY creative, so as not to repeat the same costumes, and try to be somewhat original! I would love to see pictures of your latest creation AS WELL as pictures of your Usherette costume!

Anyway, yeah. WS.... I have recently had to move to a new house, and most of my WS plants from a few years back had to stay put. Most of the plants I tried to take succumbed to Summer heat because I had to move in July of all months!

So now, I start all over. My seeds are old, and the new house depleted my savings. But I am sure most of them are still viable. I have enough to at least start building a small garden again. 10 containers, and I feel like I'm doing ok!

Springtime will be a whirlwind of work work work. As it turns out, I was spoiled at my last house with some pretty decent soil. This new place is nothing but rock. I mean, just... Rock. Big ones the size of cantalopes, down to the tiniest gravel. Most are the size of baseballs. I had to start digging/sifting through rock just to have a place to move my original plants, and my heart sunk. THEN I put up a fence. Yeeaaahhhh.

So as soon as the land dries out, I will be out there. Digging, sifting, digging, sifting. Not to mention the truckloads of soil I will have to bring in to make up for all of that rock I remove. Ugh..Stupid rocks.

Any creative thought I have now is consumed with, "What in the world am I going to do with all these rocks?" Maybe build an outdoor fireplace? Or some kind of pillar, in a pair on either side of the driveway? Or some weird sculpture?

But I digress...

Hooray for Winter Sowing! It helped me create a beautiful Cottag-ey garden on the cheap at my old house, and it will do the same as I start over in my forever home.


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I should have corrected myself and said that my male Usherette costume was just for Halloween and not for a stage show, BUT I would LOVE to wear it to a midnight showing of Rocky Horror someday. I hear at some of the showings they have costume contests :-). My singing is borderline awful/mediocre (some say I have an okay voice-I actually have a distinctive speaking voice, but not like Steve Urkel's or Fran Drescher's, thankfully-and I adore both of them, don't get me wrong).

Anyways, here's a sampling of my handiwork. Here are both the male Usherette (If I wear it again, I'm thinking of adding maybe some eyeshadow) and Cruella.

"Science fiction, double feature....."

The beads were sewn by hand (that took a long time to do).

And here's Cruella. "Anita, dahling!"

I am wearing heels for Cruella, and will be for the Winter Queen as well. The male Usherette wears flats. I tell my friends that instead of Magenta doubling as The Usherette (whose name I found out is Trixie), it's Riff Raff instead lol.

Hope you all enjoy!

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Brad, those are great. Now you've shown us you have a quality not everyone growing begins with, the patience to be a very exacting gardener - all that beading and handwork.

Happy New Year to you!

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steff442(8b Portland OR)

Agreed! Brad, those are fantastic...Your Trixie outfit is amazing! And I just love your Cruella DeVille. Oh, those eyebrows! ^.^

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Thank you morz8 and steff442!

morz8, the male Usherette costume certainly did take a lot of time and patience. My mom put the gold ribbon on the pants (no-sew, double sided adhesive). I also crocheted the boa and the refreshment tray strap. I did the letters and drips of "blood" on the tray. The other side of the tray says "Treats" (you can see the side that says "Opening Tonight". The necklace I made many years ago and wanted to incorporate it into my costume. If you look at the cuffs on the sleeves closely, you can see sequins that I glued on and little roses I sewed on by hand.

steff442, Lol, those eyebrows were the one thing I messed up on that costume. I made them too thick and too high-arched. This was the first time ever wore make-up for anything. I don't think I did too badly, otherwise. YouTube tutorials are a BIG help lol.

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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