Please help me identify rose canker

lelamsk(9a)June 6, 2014

I ordered a rose off ebay, Gypsy Carnival, because I could not find it anywhere. It was bare root, so thankfully planted it in a pot instead of in my rose garden. After a month of cutting back brown and black canes which over took all the new buds that would try to develop, I finally requested a new plant..
I have never dealt with Rose Canker but it seems to fit the category from the descriptions. Could someone please let me know if you think this is rose canker. I have destroyed the plant in the garbage, not in the recycle.. and emptied the planter where nothing is growing and will clorax the pot before using it again. This is an expensive stone pottery and I would hate to have to destroy it. Is this good enough. Thanks for the help

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michaelg(7a NC Mts)

Canker normally doesn't spread much. It is a local bark infection, not systemic, and active mainly in cool, damp weather and during winter dormancy. What you had would be called "dieback," which is a technical expression meaning "I have no clue why the canes are dying" ;) Sometimes new bare-root plants have been injured by cold storage over the winter.

I can't make out your picture, but do a search for -rose stem canker- and look at images. There are several varieties.

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elks(US5 Can6)

That looks like a gall. Is it at the soil line? Galls are caused by a bacteria normally in the soil that enters the rose through a cane that has been compromised in some way, like a nick or scratch breaking its surface.


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Thanks elk for getting back to me. It actually spread from the top of the canes on a bare root rose, that I had planted about 1 month ago. I just had to keep pruning more and more off the canes.. I have never seen gall or canker even though I have been growing roses for over 10 years, but that does not mean I never had it. I definitely have thrown out roses that didn't make it for one reason or other. The rose had that parafin stuff they cover the bare root roses in. not only did it not stop with pruning it seemed to become elevated on the cane. Then I noticed there was some growth and swelling on the graft. So you might be right. I have shovel pruned the rose into the garbage bin since I didn't want it to go to the composting bin... Washed the stone pot with clorox.. Would throw it away if it had been plastic but was an expensive pot.... so hopefully cleaning it with clorox and letting it sit in the sun for a couple of days will kill what ever fungal infection it was. Thanks for you help

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This is what the graft looked like before I threw the rose away. It might night have been canker but it was moving so fast that as soon as a but would try to pop up in would engulf it and kill it off.. kind of gave me the creeps the way it seemed to grow so fast. Maybe it was some other type of rose disease but it started getting thick and appear like black raised paraffin. So maybe was something that got under the paraffin they did the roses in and this just allowed it to grow faster. Rose gone and hope I never see it again. After continual pruning it back for over a month ... i gave up.

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Brittie - La Porte, TX 9a

I can't see anything from your pictures, but the problem was likely that it's just too late (hot) to plant bareroots and your canes all died back due to that. It happens.

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When i red about rose canker it did mention that it can turn a reddish color as it grows.. but also they said that it was black and this appears to be a dark reddish brown. So maybe I just had some other virus or fungus that caused die back.. what ever I did not want to get to my other roses.
Thanks everyone who helped me with their experiences in rose diseases.

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

I don't know if this will make you feel better or not, but Gypsy Carnival is a real disease-magnet and a very weak grower--in my garden at least. The blooms are gorgeous, but the plant always looks like it isn't going to survive to the next blooming cycle--although it has managed to survive for 5-6 years now.

As a whole, it is the weakest and most disease-ridden plant in my entire garden.


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Thanks everyone for your feedback. I actually still have a replacement coming and since it is so hot not sure how a bare root will do at this time. I quess best thing to do is soak it overnight and keep it in the coolest place until it can develop some roots. Means there is something else that I will have to baby for a while. But I really did get some great feed back from everyone.. so thanks again.

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